The right upper quadrant contains the question mark bubbles, the right lower quadrant contains the dog bubbles.
Having used this type of chart a lot recently, I thought it was time I had a decent version in Excel.
The product does not develop without cash injections.
To be able to plot a BCG matrix successfully, you need the following data: market growth, market share, market share of the largest competitor, and relative market share.The BCG matrix also called "growth - market share".Click Labels and select low from the list of label position.A BCG matrix is basically a bubble chart with a few tweaks.Step 2: Once we have the data, simply select only the figures of the last three columns.e.It should say: 'BCG Matrix'!E2:E6, your BCG Matrix chart will update.Brings a good profit which can be used to finance other products.A chart will be inserted that is probably not what we require.For each of the analyzed products, you need to calculate the relative market share towards a similar product for a key competitor.The formula for calculating the growth market rate in Excel: * The percentage format is set for cells in column.It is necessary to calculate how much the sales volume has increased/decreased in comparison with the previous period. Format the rectangle as you wish.The analyzed period can be different (month, quarter, half a year).Step 4: Right click on x-axis click format axis.You can proceed company analysis based on their share in the relevant market segment and in the market growth rate.I used Excel to do that for.But the closer this indicator to the year, the higher its objectivity (since seasonality does not affect the figures).Click on Insert Shapes Rectangle and draw a rectangle over the top of one of the quadrants.