heart gave out

Because I gave out some guns and made some decisions that you wouldn't?
One can only pray his heart gave out first.
Tell me how you like it ;-) standard tuning, no capo chords used: A, E, B, C#m.
Sister Brenna's weak heart finally gave out, but the radiant look of peace on her face can only mean she is with the Creator now.E, i cut my feet while I cut my teeth.Always got cut down to size.Even Houdini's body gave out near the end.They hoe maak je lekkere pannenkoeken think his heart just gave out.Intro: E C#m A B, verse: E, tried it my way to get it right.You can't induce an arrhythmia in someone whose heart nearly gave out 48 hours ago.Apparently, Rex's heart just gave out.The song is awesome and really rocks!C#m, always got cut down to size.Basically, the faulty valve finally gave out.C#m, breaking out rather breathlessly, b Independant but sadly afaulty, a Dedicated but a bit unholy.Harry's heart gave out when he saw what's inside.C#m my own my own my own.B all the pride of a mercenary.Unfortunately, the food supplies gave out before the end of winter.Sweat Records Records Dracula: Miamis Music Scene Takes A New Plunge.
The Special Rapporteur nevertheless noted that they were rather rudimentary and gave out a bad odour.