The bags will how to make a whiteboard drawing video try to unroll, but laying them on the back of chair seem to help keep them in the right shape.
This hand-made look is all part of the charm of braided rugs, and with a little care, they will serve you well for many years.If you want a multi-colored rug, you must collect bags of different colors.Adhere three pieces together with tiny dots of hot glue.Secure the end under something heavy and start braiding!Keep reading to find out how I did it!When you go to tie the next bag on, your knot will make a tiny bump along the braid.I used black, but the color doesn't matter, you won't see it because it will all be covered with your braid.As you lay the braid down, use straight pins to temporarily hold the spiral together.Pieces more than 18" long can become tangled when you begin to braid.Select a few old t-shirts from your closet, a thrift store, or your Aunt Marcy's nascar t-shirt collection.If you have extra-large how do you make cranberry sauce bags or bags that are a thicker material, you can divide those bags lengthwise (parallel to the original side seam cuts) to make extra strips.This project is a great way to put all of those colorful junior high track/soccer/rugby/quidditch shirts to use if you don't want to donate them.Dyeing is done in small lots so colours may differ from rug to rug - particuarly those made from variegated yarn. .After you have prepared all of your t-shirts and made them into yarn, it's time to start your braid.Keep braiding until you need to sew on another color.You will want to flatten the shirt out in front of you, but face it sideways so that one sleeve points toward you and the other points away from you.They're not unstructured like rag rugs or dhurries which tend to ruck and wrinkle.Each rug should be different, therefore, use your imagination and your knowledge of your supplies to design a pattern.I used a variation of a blanket stitch and started in the middle, working my way around and out of the spiral.If you got through all of those steps, throw that rug down and relish in your own awesomeness!I then placed a rather heavy dictionary I have onto the knot, and then started braiding.

(more on this later).
Then iron only on the wax paper for a short time.
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