how to make a whiteboard drawing video

Trim Videos: Now, if you would like to trim any of your video clip, then tap on the Trim icon visible at the bottom of the Filters screen.
Then roll up the whiteboard rubber and place it in the small bottle.
My Final Verdict: If youre looking for a simple yet powerful video recording and editing app for iPhone, then you should definitely give Spark Pro a try.
Project files are included.Michael looks for - and finds - answers within Adobe's Edge Animate.Another useful feature of this app is that while recording a video, you can stop the current recording and shoot a fresh one by changing the scene or camera angle without even losing the first clip.Students will, learn about the role of the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the monarch in passing laws.Tutorial, Video Tutorial, michael Hurwicz, adobe Flash.Then part two shows a user how to connect the graphics to Actionscript using flashes drawing API to make this whiteboard truly interactive.Embedding a Speech Transcript in a Flash Video with Adobe CS5.IPhone App to Add Filters, Add Music to Videos, Join Videos reviewed by Salman Khan on August 24, 2016 rated.0.Review, Editorial, michael Hurwicz, adobe Flash, hTML5 (CreateJS Interactivity and Debugging.Make sure that the whiteboard rubber completely covers the top of the bottle and fits tightly.Flash, for many years the preferred cross-platform animation solution, is no longer supported on many tablets and mobile devices.Time required: 2 minutes, learning outcomes.In this video tutorial, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows you a simple technique for implementing springs, as well as several other "tricks and traps" to make your work with Inverse Kinematics in Flash easier, more flexible and more powerful.
For this, tap on the icon at the top of the Trim screen and choose the videos you want to import.