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Loop the end around the center bar then pull the end all the way through.Note that this ring is not adjustable like the magic ring is, asdf movie maker but it will still give you the crocheted round you need for your pattern, and you may find it easier to create.There are certainly videos on, but it is not possible to add links into WikiHow answers.You could also use just swivel hooks with an appropriately sized base loop.The "double" portion mainly results from the double loop you made at the beginning of the process.You can see in the photo below that youve created a zelf houten jaloezieen maken circle with your strap.Pull this end through about 1 and pin in place.Just flip everything, so that left is right and right is left.Lengthen to wear cross body, shorten for a shoulder strap or to hand carry.Flip over the strap so it is wrong side up, and feed the end through the slider.It mostly depends on i tried to make a home out of you whether you want your strap to be built into your project or to be removable.Then, thread that raw end back through the slider.For this tutorial, we used cotton webbing with a fabric accent strip on the front.In the first chain stitch you made, or the fourth stitch presently from the hook, slip stitch.
You can also use a slider with a solid center bar.
Go up and over the center bar, passing across the end you sewed in place.