how to make red paint with other colors

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"Great craft for elementary aged kids.Try adding more of another color, such as red, yellow, or blue.Draw on two dots for the nose with a permanent marker.Fold the ends of the pipe cleaner up and bend them around a pencil.Member's Use the directions "How to Make Sock Puppets" for the head of the turtle, above.Incorporating some white into pencil, oil, and watercolor mixtures can help reduce the appearance of inconsistent blending.See Copyright Information How to Make an Orange Sock Puppet What you will need: Orange Baseball Sock (Buy from a sporting goods store Hot Melt Glue Gun Black and Orange Felt Squares Cardboard from a Cereal Box or Thicker Cardboard Chalk Scissors and Paper.Cut one of the socks as shown in the diagram at the right.Question Can I make hazel without using brown?2008, Digital by Design, Inc.Draw eyes on craft foam papperige rijst droog maken or card board, cut them out, and glue them to the head.Wrap the ends of the Chenille stems around a pencil to make the loops.Glue the eyes and the beak onto the bottom of the bag as shown.Cut slits all the way down one side to make the hairs.If you want to lighten or amplify a basic brown, simply mix in a bit more of one of the warm primary colors.(This part of the craft is for adults only.2, blend blue with orange to get brown.Paper Cup Tan Card Stock Wiggle Eyes Glue, Brown Paint, and Scissors How to make:.
Fold the tips of the ears and glue the folded edge onto the inside rim of the glass.