logic pro how to make a beat

Technically, these are the only instruments you need to create a true hip-hop beat.
9 Create the lead instrument's melody.2 Create a new, blank project.Ableton Live is also a great DAW.Unlimited, wordPress themes, graphics, videos courses!Question Are there any other websites for making a hip-hop or rap beat?From.50/m, dismiss, advertisement, music Audio, audio Production.Enter your song's information.Upload a picture for other readers to see.By using hoe moet ik een screenshot maken our site, ferrero rocher cadeau you agree to our cookie policy.You'll do this by dragging an instrument from one of the folders in the "Instruments" section onto the channel and then closing the window that opens.Part 2 Using FL Studio on Windows 1, open FL Studio.In the channel, you'll see four rows of boxes (one row for each instrument in the drum line).Right-click the bass line instrument and click Piano roll in the resulting drop-down menu, then click spaces to the right of a piano key to enter a bass line beat in that key.Did this summary help you?
Question How do I become as good.
Question Besides FL Studio 12, are there any other programs or instruments I'll need?

Warnings Don't buy any pro software to start with.
6 Create your lead instrument track.