maak zelf een puzzel

Step 5: Draw Profile Silhouette, a silhouette is an outline.
(Could be something they drew as an object).
Adding the Self-Guided Learning Trick, in order to best explain this self-guided learning trick, I focused on make me over lyrics counting and number recognition for this first puzzle.
Note: we use an 11x11 canvas because it gives.5 margins around the finished puzzle, which provides a frame.We'll use an app called InkPad to do this." Demo drawing emotional journey map lines on the iPad.Duration: Two classes, approximately 40 minutes each.Step 3: Brainstorm (written fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise.A baseball bat for baseball).Great community building project, plan to do it in the beginning of the year with my students.O make a tea latte C, n P, r L, h abstinence hearing progress acceptance higher power reaching OUT action plan honest recovery amends letting GO relapse awakening letting GOD serenity BIG book listening service blessed literature solution brown book meditating spiritual carry message meetings steps compulsive nine tools.Then you need to write on the back of the puzzle pieces.How to make a self-guided puzzle.What learning skill will you reinforce with this self-guided puzzle trick?This self-guided trick will help them to be able to complete the puzzle on their own, while reinforcing their learning and building their confidence.Time to Puzzle and Learn!Demo a silhouette of the side of a face (1 minute)."You may want to draw your lines on paper first and then re-create them on an iPad.Discuss what types of lines work well for this project (smooth curves, few intersections, extending beyond square border, continuous lines).Step 6: Draw Objects, using your list, fill your silhouette by drawing objects that represent you.
For example, 17 on the puzzle board and then 10 make money slowly but surely 7 on the matching puzzle piece.
What was challenging and why?

On the puzzle board you would write the lower case letters and then on the puzzle pieces you could write the upper case letters.
(4 minutes) Step 12: Wrap-up Hand the pieces back to the person who made them.