31 Very long Polish words can be created as adjectives from numerals and nouns.
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It is the second-longest place name in the world, according to Wises New Zealand Guide.It was used in a contrived story designed to use this word."Ask the experts - What is the longest English word?".NEW Check my paper, citing and more!Thus, it has an incredible academic value.It means "capital gains taxation and is usually shortened to Reavinstskatt (same meaning).It is always possible to construct a longer one with enough creativity.The client should not get bothered with any technical aspects of the tool.Oxford Word and Language Service team.Or, check your paper for grammar and accidental plagiarism.Our developers did their best to create a convenient service for all people no matter what their level of IT knowledge.You may master new writing horizons thanks to such websites!The word means "law delegating beef label monitoring" but as of 2013, it was removed from the books because European Union regulations have changed and that particular law became obsolete, leading to news reports that Germany "had lost its longest word".10 11 Originally coined to become a candidate for the longest word in English, the term eventually developed some independent use in medicine.Encyclopedic Dictionary of Vietnam (in Vietnamese).One wonderbly kortingscode such word is (94 letters) which means: "belonging to The manager of the depot for the supply of uniforms to the personnel of the track cleaners' union of the tramway company"."It kortingscode fletcher hotels is an adjective in the bureaucratic language of the 19th century meaning a very polite form of addressing clerks, something like Your Excellency, Your Highness, Your Majesty all together Guinness World Records 2003 citation needed ).30 Mongolian edit Mongolian is an agglutinative language.23 Italian edit The longest word in Italian is traditionally precipitevolissimevolmente, which is a 26-letter-long adverb.37 cadeau de naissance fille Runners-up are " anticonstitucionalmente " (proceeding in a manner that is contrary to the constitution) and " electroencefalografistas " (specialists that do electrical scans on brains (electroencephalographists both 23 letters.For example, 54 letters, is the genitive singular form of an adjective meaning roughly "of nine-hundred and ninety-nine nationalities".
The word was the name of a prewar Viennese club for subordinate officials of the headquarters of the electrical division of the company named the, which operated steam boats on the Danube river.
Me la juego a letras (in Spanish).

Catalan edit The longest word in Catalan is considered to be Anticonstitucionalment, an adverb meaning "done in a way that is against the constitution however, the scientific word Psiconeuroimmunoendocrinologia, related to endocrinology has been proposed by the University of Barcelona to be the true longest.
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